Healthy realities begin with a new vision

About NewVision Natural Health

NewVision Natural Health Est. February 5, 2009

I was half way through my first year of naturopathic studies when I decided to form an LLC and begin practicing as a natural health educator–combining nutritional counseling, teaching, esthetics and bodywork skills. While reading from a massage text book, I was inspired by a mans experience at resort health spa. After consuming healthy nutrient dense meals, receiving massage and learning the importance of self-care–coupled with an environment that encouraged rest and relaxation–he then had, for the first time, a whole “new vision” of how his life could be. He talked about his hectic lifestyle as a businessman and after entering a place that allowed his pace to slowdown and relax, it was then that he had the realization of another way to live more harmoniously–free from the rat race wheel he had been running in auto-pilot.

It took three years after enrolling in my first year that I graduated–earning the title of natural health educator. Becoming a naturopath is a life changing experience–one must simply begin and allow the changes to occur. The depth of healing one experiences allows for deeper healing to occur in others as they are ready and willing.

When I was little I was drawn into the realm of spirit and healing. At the age of six I was introduced to The Library of Health, a family heirloom comprised of 20 books from doctors around the world filled with plants, anatomy and homeopathy. It was nature cure at its finest before drug cure took over. My mother, wanting to preserve the book’s integrity, put it away for safe keeping.

I was seven when I fell into a forest during a ski-lift accident–physically unharmed–this is when my mother told me I had a guardian angel. Pondering life and the ultimate question “what am I? who am I? why am I here”, I then came across a book on palmistry. I was eight years old when I learned the fundamentals of palmistry. I’ve never been trained in hypnosis, but when I was in elementary I had a birthday sleepover and ended up hypnotizing a very shy girl. There was no way she could have made up the stuff she was saying and she became very emotional, as if I had invaded her privacy. I, being me, just went along with it, as if I had done it before…

A series of events lead me to where I am now. I am just like you. We all have a story to tell. It’s how we tell our story that shapes our past and forecasts the light or lack there of, for our future endeavors. It is purely energetic. Our thoughts, memories, and intentions create the filter through which we perceive and experience the world we live in. Through the alchemy within we can tap into the formless–from which all things come through a holographic nature and change the charge the particle holds or at least our perceptual lens of how we view it.

Vipassana meditation has taught me how to practice equanimity. It is a daily practice. I still have my moments of cravings and aversions. It is part of being human. It really is true that we create our own suffering. We can choose to be happy, peaceful and liberated. Everyday we can start fresh and new.

There are ways to cleanse and purify the mind, body and spirit. You can start with an assessment of your environment. Becoming present and aware of exposure to toxins and making changes so to not cause further harm. When you know better, you will do better.

Next step is cleansing and building. Paying attention to the foods you consume and how they make you feel. Are they live foods full of enzymes, minerals, and vitamins or dead processed and/or cooked foods?

Its all about creating balance. That is what I am here to do. To help others along their path as I am able.

Dr. Nikki Bowles N.D., L.E.

Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor
Licensed Esthetician, Holistic Skin Care Specialist
Owner of NewVision Natural Health

As a Nationally Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor and Licensed Esthetician in the State of Michigan, Dr. Bowles specializes in creating natural, person-centered programs to address all forms of mental, emotional, physical, and biological health decline.

Over the past decade, Dr. Bowles has successfully practiced the art of holistic health & healing professionally. Starting out as a Licensed Skin Care Specialist, she began questioning the negative impact of chemically-laden cosmetics, body products, processed foods, etc.. She pursued the study of naturopathy at the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education and underwent extensive training and earned additional certificates in Natural Health Education, Bodywork Therapies, Essential Oils, and Iridology. Along the way, she overcame debilitating illness to the great benefit of those who would eventually fall under her care. Known as an avid educator, Dr. Bowles teaches natural health classes and inspires people to “know” better so they can “do” better.

By reducing toxic load, practicing conscious consumption, and incorporating mindful practices, Dr. Bowles facilitates the art of naturopathic healing. The services she offers to people who seek her care are many and varied, but generally include a 90 minutes comprehensive evaluation using numerous non-invasive, visual inspection, and bio-energetic assessment tools. In this way, Dr. Bowles not only evaluates physical health from a Naturopathic perspective, but also studies the mental, emotional, cellular, etheric and spiritual vitality that bares heavily on overall health and healing.