Healthy realities begin with a new vision

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NewVision Natural Health is a mind, body, spirit sanctuary that believes in the spirit of healing through sound mind, right action and proper rest.

NewVision Natural Health understands that when you know better, you do better. One of our goals is to educate the community about natural health. This helps others make healthier choices and find balance in everyday life.

Many factors create imbalances in our bodies. Poor nutrition, structural misalignment, negative thought patterns, emotions, and environmental toxins can wreak havoc on ​the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

By using non-invasive assessments and natural modalities we are able to gain insight of the body’s current overall state of health. With the information gathered, we are able to put together a wellness program to help synthesize the mind, body, spirit connection.

As Above, So Below

​As above, so below,
In between,
And part of the Whole.
From outside in–to inside out,
Pure potential lies about.

With moon reflected light,
Within each soul,
Spirit body gleams,
Making one whole.

Illuminated light,
From which we came,
A timeless time,
Where all remains the same.

Ancient stories told,
Of Gods and Goddesses past,
Ancient knowledge within symbols,
Lighting the path.

Where beliefs and words,
Shape and mold the Being,
When truth is reevaluated,
Because it is no longer freeing.

Son of the Sun,
A new dawns begun,
Daughters of matter,
Deception shall shatter.

Awaken now!
Let truth ring free!
Flowing in spirit,

Through the evolution of consciousness awakening occurs.